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New Zealand is a sporty country. In fact, when it comes to all sorts of extreme and outdoor sports, New Zealand is among the leading countries, in terms of the popularity of all sorts of the above-mentioned sports in a country. This stands also for skateboarding and skateboarding culture that has become increasingly popular in New Zealand. And if it comes to skateboarding, you can’t get past one of the most iconic skateboarding brands ever in the world, which is Vans Shoes. This time, we would like to say a few words about the story and the characteristics of Vans Shoes and enlist you its availability in the cities of New Zealand.

Vans Shoes is a real sports lifestyle brand created by real fans of skateboarding. Since Vans has become one of the top brands for outdoor sports shoes and skateboarding shoes and apparel. The US brand has since opened stores all over the world and enjoys an immense popularity in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and in the countries of Europe all the same. Let us see the story of Vans and what we can learn about this great and special brand.

Skating and rollerblading culture has become hip in the United States, especially in California from the Seventies. That is when Vans Shoes came to life, by brothers Paul and James Van Doren, who were started up as a small rubber manufacturing company that has been specialised in producing specific soles for shoes. They have created their first rubber-sole shoes in 1966 and went on to produce customised shoes for skateboarders. From then on Vans has become very well known for its great connections with the world of skateboarding and naturally of their great shoes. The brand has become overly famous for producing custom pairs of shoes within 5 to 6 hours time. Vans shoes are specifically created for rollerblading reasons. These shoes are called slip-on deck shoes and have their soles specifically created for staying firm on a skateboard. These slip on shoes come in all types and styles and have been the most popular products of the brand ever since. The brand being very well known also in the circle of BMX riders and has used this extreme sport a lot in its advertisements. Vans went through a bit of a crisis in the Nineties however it was bought up by Greensboro Company who holds it in good hands and with great management. The factories of Vans shoes are now located in Asia, to make the production costs cheaper. Vans has been chosen the best small business in the US only recently. Vans Shoes has recently opened its very first skateboarding park, which is located at Huntington Beach California.

Vans Shoes today makes shoes and apparel for bikers, surfers, skateboarding and has its classy lines of women’s wear and kids’ apparel.

Vans Shoes is surprisingly popular in New Zealand having been sold by multiple stores and retails in Auckland, Wellington and in Christchurch. Naturally, you can find them in the highest number in Auckland, the largest city of the country. Find Vans shoes in the stores of Area 51 (in Newmarket and Auckland), Laundromat, Pat Menzies Shoes. Area 51 has also opened stores in Wellington and Christchurch, which means that a much larger audience can reach the great quality Vans shoes-
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