Sandals NZ

Sandals are open footwear that does not completely cover the feet. It is popular amongst New Zealand people as a casual or house wear. Sandals can be for men, women and kids, designed as per different specifications and patterns. Though sandals for Women can be worn on special occasions as well, in the case of the men's range, it is mostly a casual wear as there is not much style or fashion that can be added to men’s sandals. These are made from rubber, leather or even plastic, based on different occasions and weather conditions, people wear different types of sandals. Let us have a look at the various brands and varieties of sandals available in New Zealand and which are the widely preferred ones. The most famous sandals in New Zealand are the Havaians, Douglas Roman Sandals and Teva Sandals.

These pairs of sandal were first introduced in 1962. These took their styling inspiration from the Zori, which are typically made from rice straw soles and fabric straps. These types of sandals are famous with the beach goers and surfers who find it easier to wear and remove. This sandal also has found its entry into many homes in New Zealand due to its ease and comfort, which is preferred by the New Zealanders. You can find these pair online on the official Havaian website or local stores. Sandals are available for everyone.

Douglas Roman:
The Douglas sandal is a brand of Roman sandals that is the oldest and the biggest company for manufacturing sandals. The company is as old as 55 years; this brand of sandals from Roman is aimed at giving them a global exposure, though it is most commonly used in New Zealand. Todd Douglas of the Romans sandals fame is set to make a comeback soon that will bolster the growth of the company. One of the most trusted brands; they are worn by kiwis who love comfort and versatility in a sandal.

These are marketed as genuine waterproof sandals that are mostly used by people involved in water sports and other sporting activities. These sandals are made from complete waterproof material and provide great comfort and styling. These are the new age sandals and are famous amongst the youth who wear it to schools and other leisure activities.

Sandals are pretty famous and commonly used because they are preferred by everyone who like to be on the move. There is no hassle with regards to maintenance as the waterproof, all weather sandals provide good comfort and breathability to the feet. The people of New Zealand are very active so apart from shoes, you will find them wearing a pair of sandals to work faster and move quicker.

Since they are very easy to wear and come at cheap affordable prices, people tend to have an extra pair of sandals for the different purposes. You may find people wearing Havaian sandals at home, Roman sandals while going out on a purchase or drive and Teva sandals when the weather is wet.
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