Crocs NZ

Crocs shoes and sandals are one of the very few brands that could make a name on the shoe market for their original style shoes that became hugely counterfeited. Actually most people seeing the design of Crocs can very easily recognise their shoes but very few people know the real brand name. Crocs has been producing shoes, sandals and clogs for everyone in practically every size. Let us see what has made the brand so popular and we will check out where to find the original Crocs shoes and clogs in New Zealand.

Crocs is a US brand founded by three friends by Scott Seamans, Lyndon "Duke" Hanson, George Boedecker and Scott Seamans. It was Crocs that first started to produce shoes, sandals and clogs made out of a foam-like material, which is durable, extra light and makes the footwear to be an extra comfortable one. Crocs originally intended to create a pair of sandals to be used by spas but then a larger audience got interested in Crocs shoes and they have quickly become overly popular as leisure-time wear, beachwear and summer sandals. The material out of which Crocs shoes are made of has been patented by Crocs and it is called Croslite. The Croslite foam makes the wearer to be able to personalise their footwear for it to get the exact shape and form of the wearers’ foot. Crocs has become a large success and soon after this popularity came all the fake Crocs shoes and sandals, being made by a material similar to that of Croslite. Unintentionally, all the counterfeits have helped to make Crocs to become even more popular. Today, we can get to see multiple styles of Crocs shoes, apart from their signature sandals. Crocs has shoemaking factories all over the world, including Canada, Mexico, Romania, Italy, Bosnia, China and Vietnam.

Crocs clogs have become a large trend a couple of years ago, to the large surprise and dismay of all the trendy shoemakers who would never have come up with the idea of Crocs shoes. As for their style Crocs clogs have a very simple clog-shaped design with the material containing lots of holes for the feet always to stay fresh. Crocs shoes are great for walks and they are very popular footwear for kids too. Today, you can get to find the following collections at Crocs: Golf, Retro, Hover, Duel, Ocean Minded, Classic Clogs.

Although we mostly are familiar with the Classic Logs of Crocs, the other collections contain several proper shoes and specialised models for golfers, boat shoes for all occasion and yachting and sporty shoes too. The Golf Collection is probably the most elegant out of Crocs’ collection. Crocs shoes can be easily recognised for their crocodile logo.

Crocs is a brand which is indeed present in New Zealand concentrating most of its sales processes to Christchurch. You can find Crocs shoes at the following locations:
The Outlet - Christchurch
The Crocs Concept Store - Auckland
Liquid Sports Limited – Christchurch

This means, if you are lucky being either in Auckland or in Christchurch, you can buy Crocs easily. If you are looking for the most comfortable and durable summer shoes, then do not hesitate to get a couple of pairs from them.
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