Adidas Shoes NZ

When it comes to leading shoe brands in the world of sport shoes, Adidas is one of the first names to mention. The worldwide famous and popular brand has grown out to become the second largest sportswear and sport shoe brands in the world, which is especially famous for its trainers. Adidas today is being operated through its Adidas and Adidas Originals stores with its heritage brand being operated through individual stores thanks to its huge success. Let’s see the history of Adidas and its’ shoes availability in New Zealand.

Adidas is a brand that has been forming the world of sports, thanks to its great quality shoes and its nonstop research in order to make sports easier and more fun to exercise, no matter which sport we are talking about. The Adidas Originals shoes have become so popular that today they are more often worn as street fashion than as sports shoes. The brand is also one of the oldest sportswear brands in the world founded in the 1920’s by Adolf Dassler in Germany. Quite interestingly, the story of Adidas is also the story of another worldwide famous sportswear brand the Puma, which is famous for its rivalry with Adidas, founded by Adolf’s Brother, Rudolf. The Dassler brothers have started their sport shoe producing business together; however, the ideology of Second World War has divided the two brothers who are said not to have talked with each other following their row and separation. Adidas uses world famous sportsmen for its promotions and it acts as the key sponsor of top sports events. The headquarters of Adidas is located at Herzogenaurach, Germany and the company has stayed privately held throughout the many decades of its existence.

Adidas produces shoes specifically for runners, tennis, golf, football, weightlifting, boxing and for playing basketball, just to name a few of the most famous sports. The Adidas shoes are all results of meticulous research process that continuously tests the soles, the quality of rubber and all the other factors that can play role in a shoe being consistently supportive for sportsmen. Adidas produced the first shoe coming with a microprocessor in 2005 that automatically adjusts the cushioning of the shoe depending on the motions the processor translates into signals. The shoe is typically for runners. Adidas is not only world famous for its Adidas shoes but also of its quality sportswear and it produces sport-tools, such as rackets, balls or bats.

Adidas is a popular brand in New Zealand that is famous being one of the sportiest countries in the world. You can find over 30 stores in the country, located in the bigger cities mainly which deal with the selling of Adidas shoes, most of them being affiliates, sports stores you can find in the downtown, in the shopping malls and further shopping areas. Label stores of Adidas can be found in Newmarket, at Auckland International Airport, other label stores are located at Wellington and Christchurch. In these cities, you can also get to find factory outlet stores. Check out the Adidas shoes in New Zealand, being sold at practically all sportswear stores.

Adidas shoes are great for the feet and ensure the safe, secure and happy experience of sports and exercise. For the newest releases in Adidas shoes, check out the website of Adidas.
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